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Header bidding – Success story

True Digital partnered with Finecast to test an innovative programmatic bidding technique in CTV/OTT, leading to significantly improved performance

Header bidding – Success story


True Digital, a leading TV and digital business in Thailand, partnered with Finecast to explore innovative ways to improve performance in programmatic CTV/OTT campaigns.


Header bidding was identified as one of the potential strategies. To better understand its efficiency and scale benefits, we ran a head-to-head test of PubMatic’s header bidding wrapper and tag-based programmatic integrations across CTV/OTT inventory using the Xandr Invest platform.

The test ran over 14 days in 2021, with spend split equally between the two approaches to ensure consistency.


Header bidding delivered significant improvements to both True Digital and Finecast over the tag-based integration across all the key tracked metrics (despite both integrations having high bid priority):

  • Greater first-look inventory access for Finecast, with 19% uplift in bid opportunities.
  • Improved bid rate for True Digital, with Finecast bidding on 9x more impressions vs tag-based integration.
  • More wins – this resulted in a 10% uplift in winning bids for Finecast, translating into more scale for Finecast and improved fill rates for True Digital.

We wanted to push the limits of our programmatic integrations and see if header bidding could give us an edge. The results of the Finecast test were very positive, helping us unlock extra value.”

David Sky, Ad Solutions Director, True Digital

“This is a great win for both Finecast and True Digital as we’ve seen a solid uplift in all activation metrics. Following this test, we’ll be looking to roll out header bidding with more partners.”

Rich Astley, Chief Product Officer, Finecast

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