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Automotive – Premium SUV

Automotive – Premium SUV


First time The Premium SUV Automobile brand aims to target Family-oriented group of audience with Finecast’s competitive solution on TV. Manipulate targeting approach to the selective Family-oriented group of audience that reflects high spending power with actual spending on Household Goods & Services, Personal Cares and Jewelry, Insurance category.

Strategy & tactics

Utilizing our exclusive data from Census to exclusively reach high spending power area through our audience segmentation. From Demographic, spending power, down to spending categories; Household Goods & Services, Personal Cares and Jewelry, Insurance. With these exclusive data and Income class factors, Finecast can competitively defines potential areas from the actual spending and applicable to navigate into the right Household for Family-oriented target audience who has affordable power. Hence, Finecast can narrow down right to the potential area of this campaign for further optimization


The traditional Linear TV service can’t deliver to this challenge through normal TV landscape. Since the service is only broadcasting to audiences Nationwide at one time, not to a specific user.


Determine to build a higher precision targeting to effectively maximize communication and minimize wastage.


According to the challenge to improve precision targeting and minimize wastage, Finecast can improved and minimized wastage

Our solution

Our solution enables advertiser to precision target viewers across multiple TV environment including video on demand, streaming service and live TV through big and small screens, whilst helping advertiser address hard-to-reach TV viewers through a single access point, with standardised and independent measurement.

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