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Automotive – Premium Truck

Automotive – Premium Truck Background This well-established premium truck brand is exploring new way to distinguish their TV advertisement increasing awareness but with precision targeting among their affluence group of people who are searching to buy their ideal premium truck. Challenge & objective Determine key areas to focus for building awareness and deliver big screen … Continued

Brand Study Impact on Premium SUV

Automotive – Premium SUV Background First time The Premium SUV Automobile brand aims to target Family-oriented group of audience with Finecast’s competitive solution on TV. Manipulate targeting approach to the selective Family-oriented group of audience that reflects high spending power with actual spending on Household Goods & Services, Personal Cares and Jewelry, Insurance category. Strategy … Continued


E-commerce Background An e-Commerce brand aims to find potential online shoppers for their best-selling products. By using Finecast’s competitive TV advertisement solution, Finecast carefully formulated a strategic approach to the targeted group of actual spenders that have high purchasing power on the top 4 best-selling categories: Food & Beverages, Fashion & Clothing, Electronic Appliances and … Continued

Pharmaceutical sensitive skin care

Pharmaceutical sensitive skin care Background A pharmaceutical brand aims to find potential audiences among mothers in the household for their sensitive skin care remedy product within specific provinces. Strategy & tactics Finecast formulating a strategic approach to female with high propensity spending on relevance categories with Medical Goods & Services and Children Care products. We … Continued


AUTOMOTIVE Premium SUV Background First time a premium SUV automotive brand aims to target a family-oriented group of audience. Looking to spread awareness and reach rugged rulers who are goal driven and determined to achieve, but not at the expense of enjoying the journey along the way. Amplify addressability with Finecast Impact through efficiency Impact … Continued

Finecast drives cost savings and incremental reach for BMW

In an increasingly fragmented TV landscape, and a competitive autos market, BMW wanted to maximise the reach on their campaign in the most cost-efficient way to raise awareness and consideration amongst “hybrid/electric intenders” and increase test drives of BMW plug in hybrid electric vehicles. They wanted to understand if using Finecast achieved buying efficiencies and … Continued

Finecast drives awareness and consideration for leading grief charity

Grief Encounter is a charity in the UK that has been providing free, professional and specialist bereavement support services for over 15 years. Grief Encounter wished to drive brand awareness and consideration for their services and turned to Finecast. “We were so pleased with the results of the addressable TV campaign run through Finecast. The … Continued

Finecast’s Addressable TV drives successful brand effectiveness campaign

Montblanc is one of the world’s leading luxury accessory brands, and they wanted to understand the impact of TV on brand health metrics during their key retail period. Addressable TV enabled Montblanc to deliver their evocative creative using an innovative, data targeting solution that would reach high value audiences with precision in a broadcast environment. … Continued

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