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Insurance/ financial institution


A leading insurance launches their latest wellness program for people seeking their life worry-free package as well as rewarding the ones for taking charge of their heath

Strategy & tactics

Finecast utilizes relevant data segments on actual consumer expenditures on Health goods and Medical services as signal to build baespoke audience as “Life is worry free when health is good” targeted group. We enables brand to delivery their message with the right households in the specific areas


The delivery

Finecast helps brand reaching throughout all TV viewer’ behaviors

  • Live TV
  • Connected TV- STB, Smart TV
  • VOD OTT app

With priority to big screen first, we delivered: Connected TV 85% and VOD OTT (small screen) 15%

Offer total addressable TV solution including Pre-rolls and Ads between breaks format through DAI integration with leading TV programme to fully emulate current TV experience

Final video completion rate (VCR) at 84% for 15s: performing above the average of 80% from Finecast

Primetime focus

Optimised towards audience regularly occurring TV watching time. Finecast focus on “Primetime” as strategic dayparting targeting.

Reach performance

Post-campaign reach up to +175% lift versus pre-planning (22% vs 8%)

Cost efficiency

Value added on in target impression at THB 20,971.39

(Budget = 950,000 VS

Budget value added = 970,971.39)

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