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An e-Commerce brand aims to find potential online shoppers for their best-selling products. By using Finecast’s competitive TV advertisement solution, Finecast carefully formulated a strategic approach to the targeted group of actual spenders that have high purchasing power on the top 4 best-selling categories: Food & Beverages, Fashion & Clothing, Electronic Appliances and Personal Care & Beauty Products.


Since the conventional TV solution specializes towards broader scope, mass broadcasting at Nationwide level in one sitting, not geared towards a specific group of  audience or finding potential online shoppers; there is a need for new TV solution that can respond such robust demand to find targeted audience from the very first consumer journey funnel.


To locate and find potential online shoppers to maximize brand’s communication and minimize wastage.

Strategy & tactics

With our exclusive data, Finecast reached to the right households that targeted audiences are living in. We created audience segments in order to define groups of potential online shoppers that matched with the top 4 best-selling categories: Food & Beverages, Fashion & Clothing, Electronic Appliances, Personal Care & Beauty Products.

Make potential online shoppers addressable by location with the relevant brand message.


With our goal set to optimize precision targeting and minimize wastage, by applying Finecast methodology to this campaign

  • Optimized towards CTV first/OTT world for today’s TV viewer experience (CTV 80%:OTT 20%)
  • Additional delivery to in targeted audience for at 23,000 on top of booked impression, Finecast provided value added at 15,000 THB
  • Reached 660K VS 308K unique devices (+ 114% increasing over planned)
  • Defined top 4 best-selling categories into addressable location, maximizing brand communication and minimize wastage on media spending


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