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TV is still the most powerful medium to reach your audience.

With Finecast TV brands can leverage advanced household targeting and optimisation capabilities to reach viewers on the big screen.

Enabling brands to connect with targeted audiences on the big screen watching their favourite TV shows.

Finecast TV provides a single point of access to 100% addressable broadcaster quality inventory, regardless of what device they are using to connect.

How it
all works

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Using best in class data from the likes of Experian and Acxiom, we can understand a household and create bespoke audience profiles enabling advertisers to reach their target viewers.


With our solution, we can optimise campaigns to ensure brands reach their target audience at the right frequency and distribution. And we do this across multiple broadcasters to a more engaged audience, helping to drive measurable business outcomes for advertisers.

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Measuring success

We’ve built the industry’s first solution that enables brands to measure reach and frequency across addressable TV campaigns. With Finecast Report, brands can access near real time campaign results and better understand business impact.

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Access to advanced household targeting and campaign optimisation capabilities to connect with viewers on the biggest screen in their home.

Connect with targeted audiences in an environment where they’re deeply connected to the content.

Take advantage of a single point of access to 100% addressable broadcaster quality inventory, exclusively on TV devices.

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