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Finecast drives cost savings and incremental reach for BMW

In an increasingly fragmented TV landscape, and a competitive autos market, BMW wanted to maximise the reach on their campaign in the most cost-efficient way to raise awareness and consideration amongst “hybrid/electric intenders” and increase test drives of BMW plug in hybrid electric vehicles. They wanted to understand if using Finecast achieved buying efficiencies and … Continued

Finecast drives awareness and consideration for leading grief charity

Grief Encounter is a charity in the UK that has been providing free, professional and specialist bereavement support services for over 15 years. Grief Encounter wished to drive brand awareness and consideration for their services and turned to Finecast. “We were so pleased with the results of the addressable TV campaign run through Finecast. The … Continued

Finecast’s Addressable TV drives successful brand effectiveness campaign

Montblanc is one of the world’s leading luxury accessory brands, and they wanted to understand the impact of TV on brand health metrics during their key retail period. Addressable TV enabled Montblanc to deliver their evocative creative using an innovative, data targeting solution that would reach high value audiences with precision in a broadcast environment. … Continued

Finecast’s research demonstrates the power of relevance for Ebay

Discovering the clear line between hyper-targeted ads, often viewed as intrusive and therefore unacceptable, and ‘relevant’ ads which, conversely, were seen as more acceptable and even desirable is critical for today’s savvy marketer. The results of our latest Thinking Inside the Box research suggest that when an ad is perceived to be personally relevant it’s … Continued

Finecast improved effectiveness and delivered great ROI

Cancer Research UK, the world’s leading cancer charity, is constantly looking for new ways to grow positive brand feeling and drive continuous giving donations. Increasing consideration and driving donations in the modern information age is increasingly challenging and competitive within the charity sector. The Cancer Research UK team believed they could reach audiences more efficiently … Continued

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