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Finecast drives cost savings and incremental reach for BMW

In an increasingly fragmented TV landscape, and a competitive autos market, BMW wanted to maximise the reach on their campaign in the most cost-efficient way to raise awareness and consideration amongst “hybrid/electric intenders” and increase test drives of BMW plug in hybrid electric vehicles. They wanted to understand if using Finecast achieved buying efficiencies and drove brand uplift.

Using Finecast’s sophisticated targeting capabilities and the Finecast Total TV product, BMW were able to create a “hybrid intenders” audience and deliver 100% of their impressions in what is the most impactful and engaging environment – the TV screen.

Fiona Jones, Brand Communications Manager, BMW UK said:

“TV is the strongest channel for BMW to drive leads and enquiries and replicating this in a more targeted environment is the reason why Finecast has become indispensable for our VOD plans.”

Read the full success story here.

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