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Brand Safety’s Central Role at Finecast

Brand safety headlines have filled the media landscape for as long as we can remember and rightfully so, because brand safety matters. Advertise in the wrong place – alongside unsafe or inappropriate content – and it can cost brands customers, money, and reputation. For example, over half of consumers are less likely to purchase from … Continued

GroupM Brings Finecast, the World’s First Addressable Television Service to Thailand

Bangkok – GroupM, the media investment Group of WPP, announces the lunch of Finecast, the leading addressable television service in Thailand. Finecast offers a unique addressable television service through a customnised developed technology and platform. This is the first global platform that enables marketers the ability to deliver targeted ads to relevant audiences via internet … Continued

Why your brand deserves everything TV has to offer

TV viewing habits have changed, but the best screen in the house is still a valuable medium for brands to advertise; one that comes with advanced targeting, optimization and measurement capabilities. For any brand looking to invest in growth strategies rooted in either awareness or targeted marketing, there are many reasons why TV will be … Continued

Why even TV advertisers need a new approach to digital identity

The advertising industry is moving towards stricter privacy and identity protection. Our Senior Director of Product Solutions, Donatas Nemura, discusses what these changes mean for addressable TV and what the future of identity in this space could look like. Find out how fragmentation in identity strategies and value-driven partnerships will be key in addressable TV in … Continued

A-Z of Addressable TV: G is for Growth

In the A-Z of Addressable TV series we will introduce some of the key terminology, technical aspects, and target audiences involved in addressable TV, and explain how they enable advertisers to discover and reach new audiences. From ‘addressable’ to ‘Gen Z,’ we’ve got you covered.  G is for Growth  What do we mean by growth … Continued

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