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Finecast improved effectiveness and delivered great ROI

Cancer Research UK, the world’s leading cancer charity, is constantly looking for new ways to grow positive brand feeling and drive continuous giving donations. Increasing consideration and driving donations in the modern information age is increasingly challenging and competitive within the charity sector. The Cancer Research UK team believed they could reach audiences more efficiently by placing ads via addressable TV within their existing audio-visual plan.They partnered with Finecast to run ads alongside on-demand content. Through the Finecast platform, the charity gained a single point of access to the highest quality broadcaster content and large-screen viewers via their set top boxes, game consoles, connected TVs and more.

Compared to display and outdoor, Finecast delivered the best return on investment in securing continuous giving donations. Drilling down into the charity’s premier fundraising event, Race for Life, Finecast emerged as the most efficient channel with a better return on investment than search, radio and outdoor.

“Addressable TV allowed us to add incremental reach to our linear TV campaign, in turn giving us access to lighter TV viewers. Because we can be more focused in our messaging to our target audiences, we can minimise wastage and be much more efficient.”

Jo Bray, Head of Brand Marketing, Cancer Research UK

Download the success story here.

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