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TV is changing

Yet, it remains the most powerful advertising medium to reach your audience. It is highly effective, trusted and provides great value. Finecast's addressable TV solution simplifies the new TV landscape so brands of all sizes can take advantage across on demand, linear and live streaming environments.

The best

TV is proven to deliver iconic advert moments. It’s time to create your own. Make TV your home and unleash high-quality creative that makes a real impact.

More advanced

Go beyond traditional advertising. Addressable TV’s precision targeting lets you reach the people that matter using the very best data. Choose from over 1,200 audience segments.

A bigger

TV accounts for 91% of all video advertising seen. It is the number 1 entertainment platform and the perfect place to turbocharge your brand in a prestigious environment.

scale and impact

Reach your audience however, and wherever they are watching. Addressable TV advertising has an unrivalled scale and unmatched impact when it comes to attention, engagement, and achieving that all-important emotional response.


Benefit from a regulated TV space that audiences trust more than any other channel. Finecast is TAG certified, meaning we meet the highest brand safety standards in digital advertising.

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