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Finecast’s first TV Innovation Summit

High up on the 42nd floor of the Leadenhall Building, against the dramatic backdrop of the London skyline, we hosted the first-ever Finecast TV Innovation Summit!  We had a packed crowd for a fantastic afternoon, digging deeper into the transformation and creativity that is currently shaping the TV landscape. It was a slick and polished … Continued

Mindshare Huddle 2021: Driving Positive Growth Through Addressable TV

We were excited to be a part of Mindshare UK’s 2021 Huddle, focusing on Good Growth: how to build enduring, responsible and regenerative business, without compromising long-term success, society, consumer trust or the environment. Senior Engagement Manager, Johnny Hood and Head of Product, Data and Analytics, Melissa Blaha joined Mindshare to discuss ‘Driving Positive Growth Through Addressable TV’. Watch the recording … Continued

IAB Europe’s Virtual CTV Event

Our Head of Operations Carla Lawrence joined an expert panel at IAB Europe‘s Virtual CTV Event to discuss the latest technological advancements that ensure brand-safe placements in Connected TV as well as how brand suitability can be applied to CTV campaigns. You can watch the full stream here:

TV Unplugged 2021: An in-person look at an audience first approach

TV Unplugged 2021, our annual agency event, took place earlier this month in a hybrid in-person / virtual setting (#phygital).  After 18 months of online events and ‘raising hands’ behind computer screens, it was incredible to see so many people in one place and once again feel the energy that is created when a group of people come together to connect, learn, and engage! It’s good … Continued

The NDA Roundtable: Connected TV advertising opportunity and growth

New Digital Age recently ran a roundtable discussing connected TV and the opportunities it presents. On the roundtable, we heard the thoughts of Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer at Boots; Melissa Blaha, Head of Product, Data and Analytics at Finecast; Daniel White, Group Director, EMEA at DoubleVerify; Andy Jones, Head of Agency Development at Samsung Ads UK; Alexander Debenham-Burton-Burton, VP, Head of … Continued

What Advertisers Want: How Audience Measurement is Changing

A capacity crowd at the latest RTS early evening event heard how the television industry is trying to keep advertisers happy – and out of the clutches of its online competitors. With the rapid increase in video-on-demand (VoD) viewing, over-the-top services such as Netflix and mobile TV, working out who watches TV – and when and … Continued

Targeted Advertising Heralds New Era of Collaboration

Broadcast brought together rival UK broadcasters to discuss collaboration, competition and building addressable advertising to challenge online platforms. UK broadcasters are building advertising solutions that are set to usher in a renaissance of TV advertising by mirroring the targeting capabilities of online platforms. Addressable TV is a technology that allows broadcasters to insert tailored commercials into … Continued

Budget will drift to the TV Innovators in Canada, GroupM Warns

You can always save money and maximise return on investment in advertising if you refine your target audience and spend money on the lowest hanging fruit – those consumers who represent your best opportunity for driving sales.   But if brands take money away from broad awareness marketing at the ‘top of the funnel’ to … Continued

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