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Increasing sales conversion among new & experienced gardeners

With a post-pandemic increased interest in gardening, Miracle-Gro, as a trusted brand but one with low brand bias, recognised the opportunity in front of them. Because 65% of gardening product decisions are made at the point of purchase, it’s important that consumers recognise the value of Miracle-Gro’s products and feel an affinity for them so that they reach for Miracle-Gro products even if competitors are priced lower.

Miracle-Gro’s objective was to increase brand love and create an emotional connection with both novice and expert gardeners in order to build positive sentiment and improve conversion in an increasingly competitive category.

They turned to Finecast to build a custom audience of keen gardeners and reach them on the number one entertainment platform, TV.

The campaign was very successful and Frode Hernes, Communication & Activation Manager, Miracle-Gro, said:

“We’re really pleased with the sales increases that resulted from our Finecast campaign. It’s clear that our ad landed in front of a receptive audience and that the audience was motivated to choose our brand over our competitors.”

Read the full success story here.


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