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Amplify current TV campaign results and reach new audiences

Recently we’ve worked with food and beverage brands to help them use addressable TV to support their existing linear TV campaigns and meet key business goals such as:


Increase awareness Reach new audiences Increase sales Incremental reach especially amongst light TV viewers


Create bespoke creatives Define and target potential customers using third party shopper segmentation Overlay geo and drive time data to target potential customers near product stockists

To meet these ends, food and beverage brands typically create bespoke creatives and use a number of different data sets to define and target potential customers.

What’s more, food and beverage brands can overlay geo and drive time data to more effectively target potential customers who live near a store that sells the product being advertised.

Up to 9%

incremental reach for light TV viewing households

Up to 66%

incremental reach across younger audiences


improvement in brand recall


It is the perfect advertising channel to help food and beverage brands drive awareness and reach new audiences.

According to BARB, television is the number one entertainment platform for viewers, and over 81% of it is watched on a TV screen.  It has always been a powerful, one-to-many advertising play. As a unique medium that enables brands to build relationships, tell a story and bring fame overnight, it supports both short- and long-term business goals.

The power of Finecast

With Finecast TV, brands can leverage addressable targeting and optimisation capabilities to reach their target audience at a household and postcode level. Brands can connect with new audiences that previously have been inaccessible to the TV world, generating increased targeting efficiencies and reduced ad wastage.

Finecast TV provides advertisers a single point of access to 100% addressable broadcaster quality inventory. Providing advertisers access to viewers in a trusted and engaging environment.

Research methodology

The Millward Brown methodology looks at media exposure and expenditure by media channel (TV, Finecast, Display and Social), using control and exposed audience samples correlated with delivery by postcode to measure overlap of exposure. Our use of this methodology marks a UK first.

The Lightspeed methodology develops Finecast control and exposed audiences based on pre-screening questions that are specific to the devices and content that Finecast delivers to. Through prompted and unprompted survey questions, uplifts in brand metrics can be quantified.

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